Made in America: Rebirth of the Nazi Ideology

The only way you get to work in the most “free” country in the world is by forced medical decisions. Every news station is sanctioned by the Government and the Country behind “trust the science”, was the one who hired more then 1,600 Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians.

I would go into the looks like, sounds like, smells like analogy but your mask was superficial in nature.

You fall in line or we will take your ability to function in this country. Truth be told you might not actually be wearing a mask, but you’re no less the new age Jew.

You believe carrying your gun at a BLM rally is the purpose of your 2nd Amendment rights. Or maybe you think that silencing Trump or the Nazi troll account on Twitter is really empowering.

Fine keep your moral triumphs.

That was the part where I clap and applaud your social programming and congratulate your “civil war” victories.

This is part where you feel like an idiot. Be patient and maybe you’ll come around.

Your second amendment right is used to kill politicians and people employed by the state whom violate your rights. Silencing a person on Twitter doesn’t actually mean anything…I’m sorry to burst your bubble but the leader of science in your country hijacked the entire economy, from the education system to manufacturing and the supply chain.

The country that freed slaves, and gave birth to women’s rights only uses those things to cause division. The country that wanted you to own guns incase the government ran rampant wants you to think shooting a pedophile at a BLM rally is the reason for you to feel proud to own a gun.

One nation under God, feels a lot more like Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer – except the Fuhrer is not one man. It is one message.

Deception. Of it’s own people.

Maybe the Jews just wanted to let us all see what it felt like – maybe the Nazis took over in the last half century and it’s finally catching up to us. I’m not even exactly sure who to point fingers at at this point but what I do know is I walk out into the world and know for certain, most Americans are comfortable enough to let it get worse.

Inglorious bastards however ironic painted Germany in such a way where the lavish lives continued into occupied territory. Sniper Frederick Zoller contrasts a celebrity telling you get a vaccine or you deserve to die. A German watching films of himself killing the French while visiting France. Americans making movies of Heros in Afghanistan while many Americans were living in the country. Life and Art beautifully intertwined in a way where the fall of great civilizations seems like comedic irony, right up until the the bombs explode and body’s of civilians liter the streets of the ones who can’t seem to shake the idea of a world beyond themselves.

Whether Jew or Nazi. Black or White. Communist or Nationalist. One thing is certain, we’ve seen this movie before, and honestly I am getting tired of the remake era.

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