A New Cold War: China Launches Rockets Around the Globe, America Sends Shatner into Space

The beginning of Biden’s presidency will be cemented in a Government forcing Americans to stay inside their home and cargo ships stuck off the coast. A very totalitarian time in America History, that is in the hands of of Social Media Creators, and monopolies more focused on sending celebrities into space than fixing its current issues. Somewhere along the way Republicans and Democrats became the Russians and Chinese, the independence of Capitalism sold off for Russian oligarch payments and Chinese child workers. From the ‘freedom’ of crypto currency, to the indoctrination of Critical Race Theory, American citizens are simply enjoying the dysfunction without a purpose or a leader to look to.

(Photo by Greg BAKER / AFP) (Photo by GREG BAKER/AFP via Getty Images)

It really does feel like the end of Americas dominance.

I just didn’t expect for American politicians to bend over for Communist governments with such ease, Republican and Democrat alike. Gone are the days of corralling the spread of communism as China launches rockets that circle the entire globe and North Korea launches rockets off the coast of Japan. The future of the country points in a direction where your American way of life is hindered if you do not give into Medical Mandates, while we fly immigrants across the country whom the mandates do not apply to.

Its hard to fully grasp Biden’s mental capacity as a president because his decision making seems so sporadic. On one hand – a bold move against the military industrial complex and the establishment by ending the forever war in Afghanistan, on the other, contradictory mandates and an inability to pass legislation. As much as I would like to critique President Biden on his inability to give a speech without babbling about nonsense or setting up fake Oval Office backdrops to give speeches from, I understand like Trump, his handlers are making the choices and the presidency of the United States loses more and more meaning. If its changes to the world that you would like to make, chances are you want to be the one advising the president of the United States not the president themselves.

The underlying problems of America stretch back beyond Biden and Trump as the foundation had been laid for decades. Most importantly is the News cycles inability to function outside of their own media wars. As the left and the right become more polarizing, “News Porn” would be what most “journalists” do for a profession. Get on your knees and write this article as one sided as possible or you won’t have a job anymore. It also should be noted that this article follows suit and if the left & the right are both profiting off Americans its only right that Americans turn their cycle into something a little more hardcore for the time period – simply being – The Truth. As both parties focus on fake rallies and pushing their supporters to become more radicalized there are many Americans who are turning to an independent stance where we will most likely end up seeing voters cast ballots in a way that asks “what have you done for me lately” rather than focus on a Candidates promises during their campaign they rarely follow through with.

The reason behind the political parties selling out is not of concern, whether it be the black mail of finances, or more likely pizza gate related endeavors, the reality is that enough black mail on both, make them inoperable in their current capacity. Much like the fall of Rome and Greece before , America will come to grips with being ok with less, to scared to confront the other super powers of the world. With decades of blackmail on current politicians, the question is how do we move forward in a way the allows the backlog of legislation and economy overhaul to take place if the ones in power are more than willing sacrifice the American citizens while allowing foreign powers to flourish.

For Starters the need for coding engineers. With the elite focusing on keeping the younger generations distracted with promises of crypto trading and a Metaverse, the more people off the grid that acquire skills to fight back against the government – the better. The best way to undermine the Communist foundation of the Capitalism we have now, is to remove the people whom are selling out to other countries, an internet war where sacrifices will be made from breaking up monopolies to politicians being removed. This is not not a partisan issue, it a precedent issue.

In retrospect the America People have been pinned against each other in an effort to protect the elites from being exposed. Whether Fauci and the Democrats or Trump and the Republicans the media has followed suit in being the ground units for both parties whom are being controlled by deals and information outside of the publics view.

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