Critical Race Theory Is Communist Propaganda.

Analyzing History in retrospect has always been an ingenious way to make sure we do not repeat its mistakes. What Critical Race Theory aims to do is not only analyze Americas past, but insert a racial morality that that did not exist during certain time periods, changing History completely. The impact of the Emancipation Proclamation would be substantially less, had the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade never happened – i.e. does the Civil Rights Movement hold the same weight to a African Immigrant who came to America post Emancipation, as it does to an African American who can trace their family tree back to a specific plantation. Racism is not an American concept, nor is slavery, seeing as the 400 year old country rounded out the end of an Era – In which slave labor created the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen – the process of moving past the era of Subjugation has evolved into a fundamental quest for Human Rights, no Country has produced in a shorter time period. At its most pure Critical Race Theory aims to dig up graves in order to produce change, a disrespectful gesture to many African Americas who played foundational rolls in the early stages of Americas quest to go where no other developed country had gone before. Glorifying the lost pages of Americas History are not within the sights of Critical Race Theories barrel, as it aims to erase pieces that have insured Americas progress go without reprimand foreign and domestic. Like grains of sand in a castle, a boats ability to make it over the Atlantic, was contingent on its ability to account for which grains could be cast aside by time and still hold structure. These grains have not been forgotten as much as they’ve been cast adrift to spread truth onto the world – America is still the greatest Civilization the world has ever seen.

“The concept of systemic racism is more congenial to liberal activists. It does not depend on individual white guilt, but it imposes collective white responsibility. It is ubiquitous by definition, impersonal in its presentation and lends itself to multiple means of remediation.” – Mac Stipanovich

The problem with imposing a “Collective White Guilt” that all living white people must answer for, brings us back to the concept I discussed pertaining to the Emancipation. Does the Civil Rights Movement hold the same weight to a African Immigrant who came to America post Emancipation, as it does to an African American who can trace their family tree back to a specific plantation? Do Americans (Black & White) care about perpetuating slave labor in the Indo-Pacific and China or do we have to wait for Uyghurs to get their independence from a country that has existed for 3,500 years to find out what they think?

The United States takes refugees from the 10 most dangerous countries in the world, compartmentalizing the Trans Atlantic Slavery trade may be difficult because of the connection many African Americans have to Slavery, but many of these African Countries whom sold slaves to Europeans are no more safe for the black population – as the collective “white guilt stained America.” This is not a justification for the Slave Trade but a compartmentalization to the trafficking of Humans for labor as well as sex that still exists in the world today.

What is even more shocking is that companies like Google, and editorials by CNN, MSNBC, fail to put a global perspective on slavery – forcing America to own slavery, as if Prior to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade the entire world had never seen slavery before. This perspective is foundational to Critical Race Theory. Slavery still exists all over the globe and still flourishes in some parts of Africa and Asia.

Why has Critical Race Theory attached itself to American Slavery that ended over a century ago, if its aim is to hold those who committed/commit acts of enslavement accountable? The Simple answer is the Critical Race Theory is a communist Trojan horse hell bent on causing rifts within the American Government, which it seems to be accomplishing at an alarming rate.

With so much talk about Slavery and the Trans Atlantic, its important discuss South East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. One of the reasons China is able to compete with America on a production basis is because slave labor keeps China competitive – not only to Chinese business but American businesses. American companies continue to use this labor in China and South East Asia to undermine competition within the United States. The Indo-Pacific passage has been critical to Americas ability to protect foreign countries who demand independence, outside of Chinas infrastructure, and while America does not control these governments it does see its roll pertaining to Human Rights as pivotal within the geographic location.

Critical Race Theory aims to attack America for its part in the salve trade while dismissing Human Rights violations in the 21st century – deflection. Deflection from the labor produced on the Asian continent as well as the slavery that is still experienced by Africans.

ASPI estimates at least 80,000 Uyghurs were transferred out of Xinjiang and assigned to factories in a range of supply chains including electronics, textiles, and automotives under a central government policy known as ‘Xinjiang Aid’. The report identified 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces that are using Uyghur labour transferred from Xinjiang since 2017.

  • Nike
  • Gap
  • Puma
  • North Face
  • Amazon
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Adidas
  • H&M

If we want to talk about a collective white guilt, what collective guilt do we have as consumers. We allow Amazon to become the largest company in the United States, brands used by more than white people fuel slavery on a day to day basis. Discussing the implications of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in order to edit history books, seems like a far cry from justice as consumers in America tweet from their cell phones in their nike shoes produced by slave labor in 2021. The irony being that CRT is not about African American justice nor representation, it is about demoralizing a population while acts of cyber war, propaganda, and diplomatic strong arming continue by the Communist Chinese Government to deflect from its human rights violations the entirety of America is complacent in, not just white people.

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