Covid-19: Through the lens of a global biological weapon

Its no secret that “conspiracies” surrounding the Covid Virus, have lead many to believe that the largest pandemic in recent history – originated as a result of a leak from the Wuhan Lab – and not by natural cross species contamination from bats. Even if investigations into the origin of the Covid-19 virus prove conclusive to this theory, would the American government be better off planning a course forward, rather than release its findings to the general public?

To analyze this “conspiracy theory” in its totality its important that we talk about the impact the Chinese Government has had on the global economy over the last decade as well as Chinas increased influence socially in America while its domestic freedoms see little change.

U.S. goods exports to China in 2019 were $106.4 billion, down 11.5% ($13.8 billion) from 2018 but up 53.2% from 2009 and that increase as a percentage of Americas GDP connected to Chinese purchases of its goods has lead to increased influence over the country as well as politicians, which is most likely the reason for it decreases between 2018-19. Between fiscal years 2014 and 2019, EcoHealth received approximately $3.75 million in grant money to carry out its study titled, “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergency.” EcoHealth Alliance, under Daszak’s leadership, funneled $600,000 in taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology prior to the pandemic to conduct risky experiments on bat-based coronaviruses, the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention would release testing kits only to central labs under its authority making testing requirements to confirm coronavirus cases much more complicated, and endorsed only test kits made by the Shanghai companies.

As the age of Social media and the internet expands, the Chinese Governments offensive to combating American freedom of speech has less to do with Silencing America, and more to do with controlling the platforms in which free speech is expressed. From the most simple like Tik Tok and the security risks data mining processes pose, to forcing American companies to compromise their security to function within Chinas country, most notably Apple and Pro Democracy publications like Apple Daily – which have seen recent police crack downs for publishing CCP infringements on Human Rights. The discrepancies of controlling the platforms come down to a basic contrasts of information shared under American Control and Chinese Control. While America allows for domestic critiques as well as foreign pertaining to its policies and social justice Issues, Chinese Control is focused on using the media to influence foreign governments and populations while silencing any critiques of its own government. This is where Chinese control over the platforms becomes dangerous. The expansion of Chinese Government funded internet mainly the largest telecom internet provider Huawai look to go one step further than the social media platform, and data mine directly through internet service providers across the world. This control is directly linked to the information Chinese Officials have made available to the American Government pertaining to the Covid-19 origin investigation.

Without diving to deep into Chinese control and influence over information globally, and their increased reluctance towards American Science & Media, many CCP policy moves can could be easily viewed as hostile towards American freedoms and the government itself.

Now that a broad global view has been established, we get back to the question of – What if, and if investigations prove conclusive, is releasing this information to the American public important in combating the CCPs influence?

The simple answer is Chinas government should experience sanctions as well as cyber war offensives from the American government that Rival the shock that Big Boy and Little Man had on the world, to stop WW2. In terms of the word “war” cyber warfare is a new front inwhich hacking has proven detrimental to entire economies – partnered with a biological weapons that have forced the United States to inject trillions into its economy I would expect Chinese grids to experience “technical difficulties” that force its government to reflect on its “influence” over the globe – and if Communism is still the hill the country chooses to die on. The good thing about the “cyber offensive”, is because the CCP doesn’t allow American Media to function properly within in its country, the nuclear fall out of a “cyber nuke” to the Chinese government would never be reported unless China was set on the trade off between allowing pro democracy Media to function and Communism.

Much of these theories are only supported by “reading between the lines” but without the full picture being painted because of Chinas inability to produce pro democracy media content, there is no need for a media war in which the CCPs only power exists through American Media -while Physical threats to the Chinese Government also would be redundant. As I said before a “cyber nuke” produced by the American government would never need to be reported, which could be a possible case for the Biden admin saying US will not issue ‘threats’ to China amid COVID probe. Americas Military in contingent on a fully inclusive system that has connected the 4th Branch to the other 3, and while China refuses any 4th branch criticisms, it is impossible to use technology (the 5th branch) to connect communism by skipping the evolutional process America Media has taken within its Military Industrial Complex.

All of this means, Biological Weapon or not – I expect China to fall in line over the course of Covid-19 containment – and unless reports leak from the Chinese Communist Media, we will never know the damage American Government has on the the CCP.

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