From Russian Elections To Air Tight Integrity: The Post Trump Era

As we finish Trumps term with the Senate voting on impeachment, Biden is set to take office and become the 46th president of the United States. The distant memory of election integrity has been replaced with the the masses rebuking Trumps actions over the last 4 years – for what its worth if integrity was compromised anyway.

We’ve seen a frog and a mysterious Internet figure incite violence, we’ve watched a billionaire playboy commit suicide in prison, Trump has bombed Syria, and has a city or something of the sort named after him in Israel. We’ve all watched police murder innocents on Facebook Live, Police Stations have been burned down, and the Capitol has been fitted with explosives. Politicians have been shot, and we’re currently living through a pandemic thats seen 389,000 Americas die and 2 Million world wide.

If History is always set to repeat itself, at times its felt as if we are watching the earth open up beneath us. Maybe thats an analogy for the Digital world – it hasn’t created problems that weren’t already evident within society. I feel bad for the kids who get drafted into the Space Force when the confirmed Aliens attack, but I do wonder if Amazon will still be making money off of Prime subscriptions during war in space.

What a Time To Be Alive.

The struggle between left and right at times seems like a rehearsed dance, and we’ve become desensitized to the statistics, because in America “the show must go on”. I think Americas best qualities still reside within the masses and those who have spilled blood in the street – Liberty herself seems to less faithful than she is opportunistic. I have never been to Russia or China but I know their influence in American Politics is evident, like I know Israels influence comes from a holy book. I am American and I am just as much a part of history as the person who’s taken the time to read this.

What is prophecy without a staff and a robe? Music? Politics? Art? Things that imitate themselves. There has been no greater time to be alive if one wishes to see the world for what it really is, so much so that life is a blessing, and space force seems like comedy within the highest ranks of politics. I wonder at times if this is what it felt like in Rome or Babylon, I can’t tell if its going or coming. 400 years is infancy, but time is also non linear.

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