Biden’s America: Hope Amongst Chaos

Biden’s short time as President Elect has given many hope, and the frame work for his presidency has begun to shine a light through the dark shadow that is President Donald Trump. From the Vaccine, to Biden’s most recent comments on a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants within his first 100 days in office, foundational policy to strengthen Democracy is at the core of Biden’s message. The time to rant of Biden’s short comings during his tenure in office have came and gone, and with that, we have been left with what many of us hope for the future of the United States – accountability.

The Covid-19 Vaccine touted in Donald Trumps “Operation Warp Speed” – in which speed is only a title not in the ability to act – is set for release late January early February. While American citizens weather the storm of compiled debt, lack of substantial education, and unemployment, the repair of America will go beyond the vaccine’s release – that will soon become one of the most pivotal and monumental vaccines in American history. What follows the release of the vaccine will be numerous policies to ensure that another outbreak falls on the that of American businesses, and that liability follows suit. To my understanding, to ensure that Covid-19 continues to decline as years progress, mandatory vaccines will not be implemented. Although liability will fall on companies, the ability for companies to refuse employment once a vaccine is released will be in question, as well as airlines ability to keep a record of who has been vaccinated before leaving the country to insure another global outbreak is avoided.

The watered down version being that a Covid-19 vaccine will be more or less a flu shot that allows one to function in society for years to come, such as the Polio Vaccine. What may seem like a sinister lack of options in a dystopian world, is in reality Governments across the world covering themselves for negligence now that we know the scale at which Covid-19 damage is caused. The inevitably of Conservatives and Anti-Vaccination groups fighting against such action is certain, which is why the liability will fall on that of businesses and not of the government. At this point what Covid-19 has taught us is that the American healthcare system is extremely flawed, and is ill prepared to deal with a pandemic much larger than the one we are currently experiencing.

As Biden’s commitments to immigrants show early promise, I myself have commented on the most pivotal aspects of his early presidency to insure that trust in the American people as well as a frame work for progress can be insured.

  • Taxes/1%
  • Immigration
  • Stimulus/Jobs/Housing
  • Police Reform
  • Healthcare
  • Education K-12/College (Student Loan Debt)
  • Small Business
  • Human Rights (LGBT, Abortion)
  • Inquiry into Trump/Substantial Investigations

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