To The Undecided Voter

“A dictatorship is a country where they have taken the politics out of the politics.”

Samuel Himmel

We are less than a month away from Nov. 3rd and although I think Trump is the worst president in the history of the United States, I am not compelled to vote for Biden. Maybe it is just generational, I haven’t really figured it out yet. I think it has become evident that society is more of a reflection of Americas broken infrastructure and “Democracy” than anything. No action is always an action, and we don’t have to go back to Slavery to see its lasting effects. From Trumps mishandling of Covid-19 to Bidens extensive record creating a longevity in politics by failing to act during his tenure. Not voting is not only a right, but its a “no action” thats just a reflection of the Government thats failed its people by failing to act. Maybe its my faith in the people that fuels the redundancy of voting – If America can produce a president like Donald Trump in 2016, the Communist threat of Russia and China, seem to be a deflection from the fact America is more than willing to sacrifice its own citizens rights, freedoms and safety if the profits are there. Which is why the need for discussion outside of the news cycle is so critical. Billionaires get richer, they own the news, the news cycle is coordinated, we all march to the beat, and death is turned into political points. Which is where we vote on who wins. As we begin to analyze the power of the non-voter (undecided), the parallels between citizen and government become more apparent. How powerful do you feel you vote really is, and what are you willing to sacrifice to prove it. I say the Democracy we have now – which isn’t as radical as it sounds, when its just a reflection of the Democracy we have now willing to sacrifice its people to stay the same. The importance of viewing the American government as a collective – instead of through the Blue and Red outdated 3D glasses – has never been more critical. What are we losing by not voting? The pillars of a Democracy that has people fighting for Constitutional Rights 400 years after the countries inception?

To Hell with it.

America doesn’t have a funding problem, theres no shortage of money, it doesn’t even have racism problem, because its deeper than racism, America has a cultural identity problem. The effects of said problem are evident in racism, wealth disparity, police immunity, and a Government thats made Donald Trump the most powerful man on the planet. Americas identity is one where profits go to the most willing to exploit American citizens. From the Bush Family, IBM, Ford, Coke, The Dow, and GM all heavily supplying Nazi Germany in WW2 to Americas 300+ years of slavery, the identity of the United States is one that fails to meet its own constitutional standards. Luckily the Internet and the way people share information has progressed faster than the Government can equip shackles, which is what makes America so powerful.

The People.

You shouldn’t be forced to choose between Hillary and Trump in a presidential election that decides the future of your country, the same can be said for an election between Trump and Biden.While these politicians continue to follow the billionaire ruling class and their loyalty to sectors and profits connected to exploiting death, you don’t really need a mirror to see human rights are based on a bottom line more than anything. Which means to change the way human rights function in the United States we have to effect the bottom line. Unless a president is willing to give extensive details about how a wealth tax is applied to the 1% and mega corporations whom exploit loop holes to pay little to nothing (Including Donald Trump) “if you make under $400,000” isn’t going to cut it. Adopting a basic outline for a wealth tax isn’t hard and closing loopholes used by Donald Trump and other Billionaires to circumvent taxes should be priority number one. In what civilization do the wealthy pay no tax? Surely not a democracy, and it grows further away from a Democratic Republic or Constitution Republic every day.

“Taxation is the price which civilized communities pay for the opportunity of remaining civilized.” – Albert Bushnell Hart:

While the elite have intertwined themselves to the US government from a local to federal level, the purpose of electing these officials should hinge on their ability to hold “the untouchables” within our current democracy accountable.

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