NFL Week 2 Recap Week 3 Preview

According to Kentucky law, “A person is guilty of wanton endangerment in the first degree when, under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, he wantonly engages in conduct which creates a substantial danger of death or serious physical injury to another person.”

According to Kentucky law Section 507.040 – Manslaughter in the second degree is described as follows. “A person is guilty of manslaughter in the second degree when he wantonly causes the death of another person, including, but not limited to, situations where the death results from the person’s:”

The sad part about many of these cases is it doesn’t take a Harvard Law Professor to understand that the judicial process is being circumvented in an effort to protect corruption. It is hard to put into words the anger, sadness, and resentment I have for the judicial process of Kentucky at the moment. Anger that spills over into helplessness, and as an American, her death cuts to the fundamental issues our society is facing in every facet.

“The question obviously is: What do we do with this pain?” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said during a news conference. “There is no one answer, no easy answer to that question.”

How as a public servant can you have such an utter disconnect with the people you represent and for the rule of law you uphold ,that you would even stand up in front of the Nation and say this? It is also this disconnect that makes it impossible to resent the people who loot and riot. George Floyds killers were charged with manslaughter which eventually was raised to a 2nd degree murder. Not before the protests and the riots commenced. The way Breonna Taylors murder has been handled mirrors the days of Emmitt Till. How is the American Judicial System so faulty there’s no way to hold an AG accountable for rigging the court and protecting murderers, because thats essentially whats happening. It breaks my heart thinking of the kind of pain her family must be going through and I am deeply from the bottom of my heart hope they find peace, but until the Police and the State of Kentucky as a whole are held responsible, I will continue to say her name every week. Bet on it.

Being held responsible means charging all 3 officers with 2nd degree Manslaughter. Removing Daniel Cameron as AG of Kentucky and the FBI conducting an investigation into the corruption within Kentucky as a whole. From Mitch McConell to Cameron, the state has had an exponential number of problems, not just in the last 4 years but problems extending back to the younger days of McConell and much of the corruption is perpetuated by Racism.

NFL Week 2 Recap

Bradys Ceiling in Bruces System

I took it upon myself to buy into Tom Brady not being able to lead this Buccaneers team early, having sat on it for a couple of days, the concern of Bradys production still looms, but the Buccaneers team as a whole rallied together for a decisive win against Panthers. This Bruce Arians team is a work in progress, and even though the safety blanket for Tom Brady that is Gronkowski has yet put up numbers, with production from their newly acquired running back Leonard Fournette, Tom Brady hasn’t been surround by this many weapons since the Patriots acquired Randy Moss in 2007. Fournette produced 103 yds with 2 Tds on only 12 carries – in comparison to Week 1, the Buccaneers leading rusher against the Saints was Ronald Jones Jr. who produced 66 yards on 17 carries. At first glance I chalked it up to the Saints rushing defense , but on Monday Night Football, the Saints run defense gave up big plays to Josh Jacobs and the Raiders. Brady targeted nine different receivers on Sunday, and as he gets aquatinted to the new offense he should be able to build on his first 2 weeks where he threw for 249 yds (wk1 v.s. Saints), and 217 yds (wk2 v.s. Panthers). Brady also has yet to play a game in a Buccaneers uniform without throwing an interception. Over the next 3 weeks the Buccaneers will play the Broncos, Chargers, Bears, where you will expect for Brady to figure out the base of their offense before they host the Packers on October 16th. I expect Brady to go off Sunday against the Broncos who have been plague by injuries again early this season. Buccaneers 31-13.

Betting on Vegas

After a Week 1 win against the Buccaneers, the Saints looked to pick up where Brees left off last season. Unfortunately for the HOF QB, the Raiders hosted their first game in the new stadium located in Las Vegas. Questions about this Raiders team have followed them like a dark cloud since Derek Carr was drafted, complied with releasing one of the Best Linebackers in the NFL, the Antonio Brown saga, and starting from scratch with John Gruden – to put it lightly, the team has been cursed for close to decade (two decades if you want to go back to the last time the Raiders won a playoff game, which was in 2003 where they would go on to lose in the Super Bowl). On 28/38 Derek Carr would throw for 283 yards with 3 tds, combined with Jacobs 88 yards on 27 carries, Carr had optimal time in the pocket which lead to much of the Raiders offensive success.

NFL Power Rankings

Creative Post / NFL

  1. Chiefs/Chiefs
  2. Ravens/Ravens
  3. Packers/Seahawks
  4. Seahawks/Packers
  5. Cardinals/Saints
  6. Rams/Bills
  7. Bills/Rams
  8. Titans/Titans
  9. Buccaneers/49ers
  10. 49ers/Patriots

NFL Week 3 Headlines

No Headlines this week. Say Her Name!

NFL Week 3 Picks

Jaguars 33-30

Texans 27-21

Eagles 28-24

49ers 31-28

Raiders 28-27

Titans 30-21

Browns 28-24

Bills 31-27

Falcons 35-24

Panthers 24-21

Colts 27-17

Seahawks 28-21

Buccaneers 33-21

Cardinals 40-33

Packers 27-21

Ravens 35-20

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