NFL: Week 1 Recap-Week 2 Predictions

It was just four years ago that The Bayview Mural in Michigan was deemed “not legitimate art” and was removed (pictured in header), but as the NFL 2020 season kicked off we were reminded that the message has never been more important.

The NFL, much the like NBA, promotes the Black Lives Matter movement in hopes for legitimate change, “shut up and dribble (or pass)” seems to be the last thing on the players minds. With players using their platform in a way where legislation is being promoted, it is evident that behind the Jerseys and social media posts, that the athletes of this generation will be catalysts for change rather than vehicles for division. The message has only increased in size while the echos of Kaepernicks gesture reach from Women Tennis, the MLB, NHL,Golf, and theWNBA, the peoples voice is not only impossible to ignore, but it’s being promoted by the things that foster unity and community. Sports.

NFL Week 1 Headlines

The Ultimate System QB

Week 1 was full of headlines, but none bigger than Bradys new venture to the NFC South competing for the division with future HOF Quarterback Drew Brees. Luckily week 1 gave us the bench mark for both Bradys productivity outside of New England, and his ability to produce in one of the most offensively strong divisions in the NFL. What I gathered from Bradys first game in Tampa Bay was that Belichicks defense gave Brady such tremendous cushion to wear down the opposing team, that he wasn’t fully prepared for how much he would actually have to produce in Tampa, to live up to the expectations some have for this Buccaneers team. 23/36 for 238 yards a pair of TDs and picks, won’t get the Buccaneers to the playoffs even without the interceptions. Ronald Jones Jrs 17 carries for 66 yards was less impressive then it already looks, when you consider teams will be scheming to force Tampa to get production on the ground i.e. if we can stop Brady from throwing for 300 yard 2 TDs on 70% completion, all we have to do is not make mistakes. Which Brings me to the fact they say “you can’t teach old Dogs new Tricks”, I don’t think you have to teach Brady to be a gun slinger in Tampa, I do think you have to remind him thats he’s joined the 4,500 Club 4 out of the 20 career seasons, and without the defense of New England he will probably have to get closer to 4,800 yds for this team to be anything like analysts think they can be. As of week 1 Bradys Schedule has a potential of 7-8 games he could lose, it’ll be his job every week until the playoffs to prove he still has the ability to fit into a new system with a lot of potential weapons, and make a deep run. Brady Bounces Back Week 2 in a close game.

Rodger That

As the Bill-Brady relationship came to an end, another future HOF QB and his Super Bowl Coach also finalized the divorce papers. Mike McCarthy made his Dallas debut in a close loss to the Rams on Sunday Night Football. The offense failed to gain any real traction against decent Rams defense, while Rodgers took advantage in Minnesota going 32/44 for 364 yds and 4 Touchdowns. Rodgers last year was impressive as far as starting quarterbacks go, but something felt like it was missing. Maybe it was the defense and run game bailing the Packers out of lot of games, or maybe just the fact that it felt like Rodgers had less control over actually winning games in general. Last season Rodgers threw for 300 yards only 4 times, which was enough to win them the division. However in the Conference championship against the 49ers, Rodgers was unable to produce through the air without allowing multiple interceptions. If Rodgers has been given a green light to be more than just an anchor for the team by negating mistakes, betting on the Packers simply because Arron Rodgers is doing Arron Rodgers type of things may not be a bad Idea, in fact, peak Arron Rodgers probably keeps defensive coordinators up at night. The next 7 weeks will put the Packers up against not only some of the best offenses the NFC has but some of the best projected all around teams in the Saints, Texans, 49ers, and Buccaneers. After week 8 the Packers schedule drops off a bit so even if they go 4-4 in the first 8 games the Packers should easily make the playoffs.

Dethroning the Chiefs

I hate to say it but the Chiefs look like a team coming off of a Super Bowl Championship. Rookie Running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire produced 138 yds on 25 carries capped off with his first NFL touchdown . This would give Patrick Mahomes the ability to manage the game and make the passes we know he is capable of making on the drop of a dime. The defense looked solid considering the Texans Offensive Line isn’t anything to fawn over, and the they recently parted ways with Pro Bowl Receiver Deandre Hopkins. The receivers for the Chiefs averaged 7.5 ypc and on Mahomes Completion percentage of 75%, there wasn’t much the Texans defense was capable of doing to stop one of the most high powered offenses in the NFL. Adding Edwards-Helaire as a secret weapon to open up passing lanes makes them that much more dangerous. The Chiefs playing how they entered Week 1 is going to be a puzzle for defensive coordinators, and most of the top teams in the NFL will have a chance to calibrate before the playoffs begin facing the Ravens, Buccaneers, Saints, Panthers, Bills, and Patriots throughout the regular season.

The Ceiling in the Arizona

The most impressive victory from Sunday was the Arizona Cardinals low scoring win against the San Francisco 49ers. The Cardinals behind Kyler Murray are built to put numbers on the board, while the mobile second year QB may be undersized, he has made up for it with the ability to go through his progressions and find the open man. A single touchdown partnered with an interception for 230 yds on 26/40 passing isn’t impressive by any means, but when you mention this Defense is what brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl just one year ago, flying under the radar is something that will be hard to do for the Cardinals for the duration of the season. Recently released by the Texans, Deandre Hopkins made it a point to be known that he was a key piece to the Teams success last year, and while a Texans loss against the defending Super Bowl champs isn’t that big of a concern, they could have really used the 14 receptions for 151 yds on Thursday. In a Division that could prove to be the most competitive by the end of the season their schedule outside of the NFC West is promising and will give Kyler the ability to figure out just how explosive the offensive can be. The NFC West divisional games will make or break the playoff hopes for one of the teams, so earning an Early win against last years Divisional Champ is a big statement.

Power Ranking TOP 10 after Week 1

Creative Post NFL

  1. Chiefs Chiefs
  2. Saints Ravens
  3. Ravens Saints
  4. Seahawks Seahawks
  5. Packers Bills
  6. Cardinals Packers
  7. 49ers Patriots
  8. Patriots Steelers
  9. Texans Cardinals
  10. Bills Rams

Week 2 Predictions

Panthers vs Buccaneers

Mr. 77% win rate over 20 consecutive seasons will venture into uncharted waters as he starts a season 0-2. I really do think the Panthers still have a high ceiling offensively with the addition of Teddy Bridgewater. 22/34 for 270 yards and a touchdown is exactly the type of managing and production McCaffrey needed to improve on his MVP Candidate season last year. 23 Carries for 93 yards and 2 touchdowns partnered with 3 catches for 38 yards has McCaffrey looking poised to not only make another run for MVP, but if the Panthers Rush defense can buckle down and play much like how they did last season the Panthers should end up in wild card territory. Match up wise I think the Panthers can compete with many of the best teams in the NFL, it hinges on the defensive line and the guys in the trenches. I think they show up against Brady and the Buccaneers who will get every teams best, week in and week out. Panthers Beat the Patriots 31-28.

Rams vs Eagles

Rams offense left a lot to be desired, but the team has changed a lot since their Super Bowl run 2 years prior. The upside? The team might have been sitting on a Running Back in Malcom Brown who was just waiting for them to move on from Todd Gurly before proving he was more than capable. Also, the defense looks good, Ramsey and Darnold both have to be specifically schemed for which causes a lot of problems when it comes to the opposing teams Quarterbacks going through their progression. The Cowboys offensive line like I mentioned isn’t particularly good, but it could be worse, like Carson Wentz and the Eagles allowing 8 sacks. Actually the Eagles might be the broke mans Cowboys, and the Cowboys are in reality the Discount Chiefs. What I’m trying to say is Goff under performed on Sunday Night Football and the run game and defense still found production against the Cowboys. Rams Beat the Eagles 42-27

Week 2 Picks

Browns 28-13

Giants 24-21

Rams 42-27

Cowboys 31-28

Patriots 31-28

49ers 28-17

Steelers 27-21

Titans 24-20

Packers 35-24

Bills 45-27

Vikings 27-21

Cardinals 35-17

Ravens 35-21

Chiefs 42-24

Seahawks 28-24

Saints 28-24

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