Establishment Face with a Progressive Base: Dem Election 2020

While Trump lets the world know mail in ballots will be his Trojan Horse into never leaving office, Biden has begun a slow offensive despite his Vice Presidential nomination being undecided. Promises of an female African America running mate have sparked discussions around names like Kamala Harris, Karen Bass, and Susan Rice. Most names being mentioned with Joe Biden are widely considered part of the Establishment base that has benefiting from the progressive movements across America in recent history, with a slight exception to Karen Bass.

Karen Bass has a history sponsoring Bills since she began representing Californias 37th district in 2013 – that range from Child/Human Trafficking, Child welfare, Modernizing areas of poverty, Civil Rights, and even combating the Student Debt Crisis. Many of these policies representative Karen Bass has already supported, will be focal points if Biden was to win the Presidential Election. It would also follow the national trend of progressive Democrats becoming more of a norm for the party. Despite Karen Bass’s extremely liberal history she does not support Universal Health Care, where a slight detour still brings you left of the establishment in her numerous votes to block republicans from repealing medicaid, all while voicing concern to hold insurance companies accountable – which is huge for many democrats – considering Joe Biden lead in contributions from the Health Care industry and is against Universal Healthcare.

Despite Black Lives Matter being the heart of the Democratic base, the closest obstacles in the foreseeable future concerning the 2020 election will be Healthcare pertaining to Corona Virus, and the way in which Americans will vote while Corona Virus is still a real threat. Unfortunately for Trump, both his Corona Response and his reluctance to support mail in ballots – with the other option being him not leaving office – couldn’t have come at a better time for Joe Biden. From a Clintons advisor to the Wall Street Journal, many are even wondering if it would be worth it for Joe Biden to Debate Trump at all, and in my opinion I really see no need.

The Nation is covered in Protests, Social media is swarming with young voters voicing opinions, and podcasts and talk shows about policy and political discourse are popular, “stand behind the people so they can stand behind you”. Biden has been fortunate enough to inherit a movement where the people are making change on their own with their voices. All you have to do is support these people now and let Trump fuel the flames of his own political defeat. If the Democratic Party is still not ready for its first progressive President surely it is ready to have state officials support their citizens with progressive policy that will TRICKLE UP. In retrospect the sort of movement and the barriers being broken down are polar opposite to TRICKLE DOWN policy that has been touted as Democracy for generations.

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