Dems deserve Trump just as much as Republicans do

It is no secret that I think Trumps intelligence – or lack there of – should exclude him from holding any position in politics , but what does that say about my views of the Democratic Party? Time and time again we read articles about young people leaning left between Biden and Trump, or that Biden is leading in all pollsbut most of us with our head in reality know this can’t be true, and that the Bernie Sanders under 35 support was incredible in the primaries. That is until supporters began to stay home because of the Covid-19 and late county discrepancies (actually it began in Iowa but I’ve already covered that). So the question remains, what is the DNC to someone who sees the party that pushes the policy he agrees with, put people in power who are nothing but corrupt hacks saying exactly what people want to hear?

If you answer was anything along the lines of “Irrelevant until the people in power reflect the base” you’re exactly right.

Unfortunately the majority of “Democrats” are Bernie Sanders supporters, and the reality is the “Moderate Democrats” – whom are really just “Republicans who specialize in lying to their supporters” continue to adopt Bernies ideas knowing the majority of Democrats 041020agree with these things. The only problem is that the heads of the Democrat party have to change masks to support Bernie ideals, the ones they spent their careers voting against until they understood the majority of their base feels this way. Until a person who has touted these ideas and has stood by them regardless of the cash benefits of flip flopping, it will be impossible for the Democratic base to hold any sort of voice or power without and absolute “Guns in the Streets” type of revolution.

This brings us to the headline of the article. Not only do democrats Deserve Trump, they are the reason he has so much power. The media attacks him over nonsensical statements that hold 0 weight and by next week, he will make another statement – that also holds 0 weight. For what? To make people laugh and point fingers? Trump is the only reason these hack journalists have a job, because they don’t write for the people, they don’t even express the people voices, why not instead of caring what stupid thing Trump says every week, you talk about how all the policies Democrats have implemented over the last decade, have just been Republican Lite policies focused on profiting the few? Or how about facts pertaining to the wealth gap and income disparity, maybe even the fact Americans are missing out on stimulus checks while Wall Street gets a pile of 1’s and 0’s injected into their fake economy? The United States is broken, and the magnifying glass is put on Trumps statements by the Liberal Media supposed to represent the majority. I think most people honestly don’t give a fuck was Trump says anymore. What has the coverage of his comments gotten us? A 2 year road to impeachment that won the Democrats a participation trophy? I’m not impressed.

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