Corona Virus – Democratic Primary Update


As Covid-19 deaths reach 15,000 in the United States it is hard to understand for many, how the leading country of the free world has fallen so far behind on its preparedness to combat the largest epidemic in recent history. Much of the White House briefings have turned into a rating spectacle, as Trump touts facebook views – ratings – and White House corespondents use allocated time to question the president about Netflix shows such as the Tiger King documentary.


On Tuesday the Wisconsin primary continued as planned even as the CDC and the Surgeon General recommended that no gatherings of more than ten people be allowed. The lack of universal understanding of the corona virus has come down to the fact that Capitalism of the United States – once touted for its great ability to usher its citizens into the new age – has become an achilles heel of sorts. Politicians in Wisconsin recognize the potential dangers of its citizens gathering in large numbers – the precedent seems not to apply when it comes down to their elections.

As the totality of capitalism has been great for the American people for the last century, it has shown chinks in its armor over the last 4-5 decades – as automation and and the wealth gap continue, socialism may not be the answer, but the abundant GDP of America fueled by few, and not by the many as it once was, shows the availability, for socialist policies to be implemented. The first stimulus Bill has given many americas the false hope of a cash handout, but while the original draft had many eager for the stimulus bill – only after it had been approved did the citizens of United States find out that many would also fall through the cracks. Recently Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposed a new stimulus Bill that was touted for its ability to help utility freezes and families in need of help, when the reality was that he was just injecting another 250 billion into the stock market.

Covid-19 has become weaponized against the American people whom are the least protected, from lack of testing and availability, and the means to provide for themselves once laid off from work. Stimulus packages promised to the American people are being used to inject trillions into the stock market. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak many would even wonder if it was possible to inject 3 Trillion into an economy working at less than 50%, but now wonder how American citizens are fed the illusion that 10 Trillion over 10 years for something like Universal Healthcare Is unattainable. If Republican Correspondents like Charlie Kirk can see the obvious discrepancies with the politicians math, I am sure many citizens are catching on as well. The realization isn’t just happening on the left either it is happening on the right – although for a much different reason, with a different end game, but none the less the reality that “socialist” policies such as universal health care are used by 90% of the developed world whom have a fraction of the GDP.

It is important to note, as a rebuttal to universal healthcare Charlie Kirk’s usual argument against Bernie is usually “You own three houses”. Which means were breaking through to the trolls of the right for what that is worth.


As Bernie Sanders drops out of the democratic primary I feel like now is the perfect time to look at where it all began. Many on the left realize that the DNC and the leaders of the party are negligent to the American people, going as far as rigging entire counties and states so that their nomination can win – with or without the actual support. This poses a problem for the future of the DNC and the Democratic Party – seeing as the pipe line to Trump is more focused on an Idiot who doesn’t try to be anything less, rather than electing the blasé ally whom pretends they have your best interest in mind. When does personality TRUMP policy – literally. Not that Biden expresses an abundance of loving personality (that was Obamas job all 8 years) his largest character attributes are in the form of invading women’s private space, lying about supporting minorities, and sexual assault allegations.

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From the beginning of the Democratic Primary the Iowa caucus was rigged by a group of members connected to Hillarys campaign in 2016, with an early push to make irrelevant politicians seem popular it was obvious that Bernie was facing an uphill battle. Since then Corona Virus has effected minorities and low income families more than any other (the majority of Bernies base outside of college educated whites). These members whom are taking Covid-19 serious are less likely to vote and are specifically Bernies Base, as people are told to stay home making elections that much easier to manipulate. When I say Corona Virus has been weaponized against the masses I truly mean in a way where politicians are using it to give companies billions of dollars and use it as a means of voter suppression, socialism for the rich is the only socialism that these politicians seem to agree upon. Iowa is one of the whitest states in the United States and California being one of the largest with an African American population. How is it that in one of the whitest states Bernie Sanders Dominates Minorities and in the Largest State he also dominates the minority vote, but Biden randomly begins to perform better in all states with minor voters. These kind of discrepancies are mentioned in the UN exit polls and are why polling prior to elections are so important anyway, when more than a 4% discrepancy is mentioned within an election, fraud or miscalculations are assumed, during the Democratic Primary we have seen discrepancies up to 11%. The Democratic Party that we know is shrinking in size, even with the help of the worst president in history they can’t seem to do anything right, or maybe that’s what they want.

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