Biden & Warren split pathetic Hillary leftovers as Bernie creates entire movement

Bernie has solidified himself as the front runner for the Democratic nomination whether the DNC and establishment like it or not. In 2016 Hillary used her connections in an effort to steal the nomination, now that she is out of the picture – not completely because a federal judge has ordered a new look into the server scandal – the corrupt establishment has moved on to Warren and Biden. Although both of these candidates now absorb Pete Buttigieg numbers as well as Amy Klobuchars after they dropped out solely to stop Bernie Sanders, I am still perplexed as to how they come up with the support Joe Biden Supposedly has. The troubles that follow Joe Biden mirror 223538_600-1Donald Trump in many ways, from supporting rapists and their protectors to out right lying to the general public about accomplishments and personal stances. In another case of the mirror image to Donald Trump, Joe Biden seems to be the worst public speaker of anyone currently still running on the Democratic ticket – most likely do to the fact that as he spews lies about his accomplishments and his supporters joke that he makes honest mistakes sometimes. Honest mistakes concerning being arrested while visiting South Africa as well as honest mistakes saying he was an advocate and on the front lines during the civil rights movement. The compete list is hardly honest, and far from a mistake. Biden’s lies cut to the very fabric of gentrification and racial issues to the point him lying about things people actually experience,  waters down the very movements he speaks on, and he is counter productive to everything these people fight for.

Warren on the other Hand has taken to social media to attack the person whom she has copied in order to stay relevant for this long, except the saying “you can’t fake class” seems to stick to Elizabeth Warren like white on rice. While being vocal about all of f4f475cb5d9aee6f73dab946b4ab514b9311249ac78260d95309bb9c6e15e9d8Bernies policies she claims as her own, her problem is that she has taken money from the same people Bernie Sanders movement is focused on holding accountable, which leaves her base at a small amount of women voters who gladly lay in the grave Hillary Clinton and the DNC dug for them in 2016. The only difference being that it now reads “Here lies Elizabeth Warren and her loyal followers – Cause of death, lack of a spine and morals”. It is impossible for Warren to take away voters from Bernie Sanders because they all have seen that she has been in a sparing match with the same people who have donated to her campaign making it impossible to think that she could ever hold these people accountable.

In a classic Bernie Sanders move he has stuck to his guns, he has been focused on his campaign and has only countered attacks pushed by the Media and the DNC. Without Bernie having to cast the first stone the DNC continues to lose followers, while it exposes it bias for candidates willing to sacrifice the greater good of the people in order to line their pockets and hold a position in D.C.

Projections for Super Tuesday are all over the place as Bloomberg now all of a sudden has a lot of support. A man who polls at less than 10% nationally somehow has 20%+ in districts, this should concern most democratic voters as you’re witnessing the DNC selling its support right in front of your very eyes. Bernie has more single donors in these states coming into Super Tuesday as well as more individual popularity in these states, so unless the states are bought or we see coin flips and card draws, this Tuesday will be Bernie proceeding to lock up the democratic nomination. If the Dems are going to be corrupt there won’t be any curtain to hide behind like there was in 2016 they will have to expose themselves live doing things to disrupt the course of democracy and freedom. Now that the DNC and establishment has been backed into a corner its two options seem to hinged upon whether the Democratic Party wants to survive as a whole or destroy itself from the inside out – that is what is truly on the line this Tuesday and will point to either Bernie being the Man on the Ticket or the Democrats allowing Trump to take down the Democratic Establishment yet again. A battle he has won and will win again, the same playbook as 2016, that watched the Dems back Hillary while failing to listen to the masses.

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