The Next Decade is Lukas to Claim

The next decade, so from 2020-2030. The easy choice would be the Los Angeles Lakers to take over the decade simply because Lebron is far from “over the hill” and has proven himself an MVP candidate 17 years into his career. Anthony Davis is the best big in the NBA and it’s really not even close, scoring 50 points and leading the Lakers means that even as Brons athleticism drops off (which seems like it never will) his knowledge and NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas Mavericksability to pass the ball and defer to Davis will be a problem for years to come. If Lebron decides to leave the Lakers after his contract expires, Anthony Davis, being the superstar that he is will surely attract another to play along side him under the glorified lights of the Staples Center.

Now that we have the easiest choice out of the way I really think that the Dallas Mavericks are onto something special with the team being built around Luka.  As a person who grew up in the Kobe Bryant era, his movement and ability to score from anywhere on the court, at will, reminds me a lot of the Black Mamba. The difference being I have never seen such a polished player at such a young age, I’ve watched my fair share of film and for a player at twenty years old to have the IQ he has is unfathomable. Whether passing the ball or taking it upon himself to score, Luka has clearly set himself apart from players under twenty-five years old. While Porzingis isn’t the dominate player he was prior to his injury, Luka gives him the cushion he needs to rehab his body and game overall. Mark Cuban is a savvy business man and Porzingis and Luka are enough to get you to the playoffs, with the addition of another star or solid role players this team will be looking at title contention, while whispers of ‘Dynasty’ circulate. A decade of dominance leaves a lot up to chance. Injuries, trades, drop offs, and progression will all be major factors in the Dallas Mavericks franchise going forward, but there is no other player in the NBA – Under 25 – I would want to start a franchise with other than Doncic.

Out of the comparable players by year two (or year three labeled Y3) Luka plays less time than his notable comparisons and league superstars. Partnered with the fact he sits comfortably in the top two of every statistic besides field goal percent (Tied for 5th) and 3 point percent (3rd), which is understandable because he’s going against pure scorers and Magic Johnson. The chart below simply shows the stat comparison and not the IQ of a player, in which Luka seems to have Magic Johnson’s awareness paired with a pure scoring ability who doesn’t have a problem finding the open man.

Player Name MPG PPG AST REB FG% 3P%
Luka Doncic 32.8 28.9 8.7 9.5 0.465 .323
Michael Jordan (Y3) 40 37.1 4.6 5.2 0.482 .182
Lebron James 42.4 27.2 7.2 7.4 0.472 .351
Kobe Bryant (Y3) 37.9 19.9 3.8 5.3 0.465 .267
Kein Durant 39 25.3 2.8 6.5 0.476 .422
Magic Johnson (Y3) 38.3 18.6 9.5 9.6 0.537 .207

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