Bernie is back, and better than ever.

The 2020 Iowa Caucuses were nothing less than turbulent and full of misinformation. The biggest problem was the misinformation seemed to be intentional by many news outlets as well as certain political parties. Pete Buttigieg gave a victory speech shortly after the Iowa Caucuses closed which has never happened in the history of the caucuses. If you weren’t paying attention to the polling numbers over the last 4 days the series of events played out a little something like this.

  • Iowa Caucus polling closes
  • Pete Buttigieg takes lead over Bernie at 60% tally
  • Pete Buttigieg gives Victory Speech
  • Delegates begin being decided by coin flips live.
  • Shadow Inc. the app approved by the DNC, begins to have problems compiling results leading to a number of revelations about the company.
  • DHS official offers to look into the App’s vulnerabilities, DNC turns down the offer.
  • Shadow Inc. is exposed showing deals with Pete Buttigieg as well as Joe Biden
  • Shadow Inc. donor list is exposed with George Soros being its largest donor
  • Shadow Inc. is shown to have a number of Hillary supporters at the front of the company.
  • New York Times puts out bias/fake results although the tally is not final.
  • New York retracts bias/fake results
  • at 97% of results finalized Bernie Sanders trails Pete Buttigieg by 3 delegates
  • 100% results show Bernie Sanders being the Victor of the Iowa Caucuses

As I mentioned previously –

The use of technology has given a the younger generations the ability to completely drown out the older population in terms of information spread. While the information spread doesn’t dictate the laws it does give the younger generation a unique window into just how common lying in politics is, regardless of the politicians duty to uphold law and order. – William H Clark III

Had Pete given his speech and no one exposed the company and media for bad practices, they could have continued with just keeping false information as truth.weriofhdsjkcnsdkcn

Luckily many took to twitter to spread information in real time, even many on the popular app Tik Tok began using the platform to mention the #IowaCaucuses. New revelations of Bernie taking a clear lead in New Hampshire’s Monmouth poll. Important to note that Bernie usually struggles in this poll so him performing well could me a landslide victory in the general election. As the corporate Democrats continue their push back it seems as if it is only fueling the push forward for Bernie Sanders and his campaign.


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