Why is it so easy for Politicians to deny Scientific Facts?

Over the last decade we have seen an increase in Climate Activism. The first main-stream political movement can be attributed to Al-Gore who released a production called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in 2006. As data has been collected by the likes of NASA, and the NOAA (National Center for Environmental Information) in the years that have followed, we have witnessed an increased push back from politicians – mainly Republicans – who see this extensional crisis as phenomena. PR_1With the top science intuitions in the world agreeing on the data that illustrates dramatic temperature changes over the last century, why are politicians so adamant to stop the movement? The truth rests in the donors of these politicians, and the number of private conglomerates funding their campaigns.  A summary from Open Secrets details the number of House members that accepted money from Oil & Gas Companies for 2020 totaling 347. Of the 347 total, 166 Democrats accepted $1.2 Million worth of campaign funds while the 181 Republicans accepted $4.8 Million. In comparison a total of 88 senate members accepted campaign contributions from Oil & Gas Companies. Of the 88 Senators, 43 Democrats accepted $318,005 while the 45 Republicans accepted $2.6 Million.

The stagnate progress of the Climate Change Movement has less to do with facts, and more to do with politicians falling victim to the Big Money in United States politics. While Climate Change has become a focal campaign point for many, their contribution statements seem to draw a contrast between message and action.5e1fbbec62fa8146662b24f4For example, an Op-ed by the New York Times details Elizabeth Warrens stockpiling from wealthy Donors before becoming a “for the people candidate”. In an effort to progress movements it is important politicians are put in place that are focused on action and unwilling to compromise those actions by attaching strings to these wealthy conglomerates. Consistency in the age of social media has become a focal point for the next generation of voters, whom have access to voting records, interviews, and statements in real time. There was a time period when the politicians didn’t have to worry about their voting record or the stances on subjects, because the media cycle hadn’t fully come into the digital age, but now candidates with the strongest track record produce unbridled grass roots movements. This is why although Big Money has slowed the Climate Change movement, it will not be able to stop it.


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