First U.S. Elections, then the Judicial Process, what’s next?

What we witnessed by the United States Senators in the vote for witnesses was unprecedented. 75% of the American people agreed that all witnesses should be brought vote.focal-760x428forward before the conclusion of the Impeachment Trial. As we watched Dershowtiz get Jeffery Epstein off scott free, he has brought his ‘talents’ to the highest courts in the United States by being Trumps Impeachment Attorney. This move brings us to the unfortunate conclusion that Donald Trump will not be removed from office, and casts and Erie shadow over the 2020 elections. For those who fail to understand the order of events that is leading up to the election here are a couple links.

This order of events foreshadows Election Tampering on another level that seems dictatorship like as we near the 2020 election.

The DNC has yet to recognize the true magnitude of Bernie’s movement as they allow billionaire Bloogmberg the opportunity to participate in the next debate regardless of his nonexistent grass roots movement. It is obvious as I stated in the article before “The DNC and Corporate Elite Democrats are being drown out by the Left Grass roots movement.”

Movements like Universal Health Care, Gun Control, and Climate Change, have divided the nation right down the isle and given birth to a new generation of political activism. The use of technology has given a the younger generations the ability to completely drown out the older population in terms of information spread.

This brings me to my conclusion that Trump will go to any lengths to stay in power. He has sacrificed the United States Election, the United States Judicial Process, and it will be hard to sleep at night knowing he could allow a foreign country to attack citizens or troops in an effort to stay in power. All 9/11 conspiracies aside, if Trump sees the value of the United States as sacrificial, what is to say he wouldn’t allow an attack on U.S. Soldiers in an effort to be removed from office or to cancel an election he is losing. september-9-11-gettyimages-134352247

At this point the dictatorship that is running a muck in United States politics is one that will take a full on revolution to dismantle. Whether it be at the voting boxes or in the Streets, the left is climbing a hill thats peak is distant, and thats journey is full of hardship unless the Elitest Democrats recognize their grass room movement.

Bernie 2020 is a Must.

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