Alan Dershowitz & Republican Senators not on the same page.

Alan Dershowtiz the Impeachment Attorney for Donald Trump, took to the senate floor to defend Trump in what he has called a circus. Dershowitz goes on to explain the that if Democrats consider what Trump did an abuse of power, many presidents prior to Trump would have also been impeached. 

It is interesting that Trumps own Impeachment attorney recognizes that conditions were made and that stipulations were put in place regardless of the funding being released eventually. In fact the funding was only released once the whistle blower came forward. The order of events is baffling considering many of the senators including Elise Stefanik come forward to say “the funding was released”. Essentially what she is saying is because Trump was caught prior – and released the funding anyway – that no crime was committed.

The contrast between Alan Dershowtiz and senator Elise Stefanik is alarming. Not only are the senators not ready for the actual trial in which Trumps own attorney will admit to stipulations being made initially, but they think that it never happened because the money was released once caught.

As you watch the Dershowitz testimony you see him say that a number of presidents would have been impeached for the same misconduct Donald Trump performed. Luckily prior to this I made a list of things presidents have withheld funding for in an effort to gain leverage over a country to make them comply.

Leverage of withholding money to Ukraine, could be agreed upon in many ‘contexts’– had Ukraine not honored a trade agreement – made political moves we saw to be in violation or to in danger American lives – disagreed with Ukraine trading with a sanctioned country – release of hostages etc. The United States has a long history of using leverage to get things done in the world, in context most of these things are not a threat to National Security.

Understanding that the United States uses leverage in many instances is important. Firstly because many see this act as tyrannical which i do not, because the United States is the most powerful country in the world many times leverage is needed to insure American lives are kept safe.

The precedent and standard Alen Dershowitz  is making is alarming to say the least. For instance – by this  precedent – any President moving forward can withhold funding or even withhold compliance for a trade agreement if a country does not perform its own intelligence operations into U.S. Politics. How crazy would it be if a president withheld funding or didn’t sign a trade deal, if China refused to perform recon into a United States elected politician. A green light that could implicate national security because by those standards who knows what said country would find, whether conversations, codes, or deals not meant to be viewed by other countries. Not to mention by giving said country a green light you are allowing them to hack or use cyber warfare against U.S. Politicians. Although this Impeachment Trial is called a circus by republicans very much of the clown work is being done by Republican senators themselves who are not even on the same page as Trumps Attorney. At this point what we are witnessing will be the new normal going forward – U.S. Presidents asking foreign countries to disrupt U.S. politics in an effort to control elected officials. Or we will watch the Senate put an end to politicians working with foreign Governments to sabotage their rivals. The impeachment Trial is a lot less complicated than the media has made it look

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