Trump presidency paving the way for Bernie 2020

Hear me out for a second. The chronological order of politics from 2015 to the present has been more turbulent than any in recent history. More so than the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq that gave birth to the forever wars, and sparked the greatest increase in the United States military industrial complex.

Iraq Protesting USA occupation 

Far more than the Clinton Impeachment that when looked back on seems ludicrous, and just as much so as the Civil Rights movement. You might be saying “this is impossible”, simply because of the brutal actions during these time periods, but because of how technology has progressed, and the speed  at which the media cycle changes, we have become numb to just how controversial the last 4 years has really been. We’ve seen the power house that is the Hillary Clinton political tree be pruned and almost completely chopped down, while witnessing a growing number of women be elected as house representatives. Movements like Universal Health Care, Gun Control, and Climate Change, have divided the nation right down the isle and given birth to a new generation of political activism. The use of technology has given a the younger generations the ability to completely drown out the older population in terms of information spread. While the information spread doesn’t dictate the laws it does give the younger generation a unique window into just how common lying in politics is, regardless of the politicians duty to uphold law and order. Twenty years ago the only people concerned about recording the history of 9/11 and the beginning of the forever war era, were conspiracy theorists and thirty something year old activists no children payed attention to. Now and days a Podcast from a UFC commentary expert (Joe Rogan) dominate “free thinking” atmosphere and discussion that extends beyond politics. Political discussion is recorded in real time making it impossible to change stances and making consistency a focal point for the next generation – a generation who views Biden as an outdated fossil unable to see past his horrible record and Warren as a woman who speaks to the younger generation while doing the complete opposite – like taking money from big corporations while saying shes going to battle against them.


While Bernie Sanders has been overshadowed his entire political career – most recently by Hillary Clinton 2016 –his ability to play the long game could have never been predicted. His consistency on Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and the Forever Wars, is exactly what the doctor ordered for the next generation  – that watches automation take jobs and the 1% increase its wealth while the rest of the population stays stagnant. Without Trump being elected the next generation of  activist never happens especially,  on the left. Hillary Clinton and the Corporate Elite Democrats continues steam rolling  the “for the people movement”. Trumps outlandish racism and neglect of the of laws never gives the underlying racists a free pass to showcase just how little progress we’ve actually made. In the end it is almost as if the United States needed to get worse before it got better.694940094001_6117372778001_6117366824001-vs

The focal point for Bidens ‘movement hinges on him being the only one who can rally the population for a single Candidate – you know, since Corporate Democrats used the same playbook for Hillary in 2016 while Bernie supporters carried Hillary to win the popular vote, and she still couldn’t finish. If Hillary would have lost the popular vote, and could blame the Bernie supporters for failing to help the Democrat nominee, I am sure Biden would be head and shoulders ahead of Bernie in 2020. History and the world has a weird way of balancing itself out, and the world works in mysterious ways. Without Hillary winning the Democratic nomination in 2016, winning the popular vote in the election, but losing to Donald Trump and giving way to the weird trolling generation that takes it to far manifests into the division – we never get the opportunity to elect Bernie Sanders in 2020.  

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