Lord Apex

The thing about music is, it’s a universal language. Whenever I think about music as a language it reminds me of the Movie Shawshank Redemption. The moment when The Main Character Plays the Record over the loud speakers, to men who hadn’t heard music in years. The Thing was, the song that was being sung wasn’t even in english, yet you could see the connection from the characters to the Music.

That being said I seem to have amazing “luck” if you want to call it that on stumbling upon great artists, all different sounds from people across the United States. Although The U.S. is the dominate force in the Hip-Hop genre, a Underground Artist from the UK, LordApex, is a change of pace who’s lyricism and word play, along with boom bap beats is something that expands beyond boarders. With multiple EPs in the works and a collection of TOP TIER music, I got to ask him some questions to find out who this British Mastermind behind the Beats was.

Q: Sensei/ LordApex, what would you like to be called how’d you choose the name?

A: Call me whatever comes to mind first. I came up with the name while listening to Lord Quas (MadLib), it represented the sound I wanted to achieve and I just liked the word apex (The Top). Sensei was name I gve myself cuz I drop alot of knowledge but its more of a split personality thing now.

Q: What part of the UK are you from?

A: Born and raised in the west of london. W12 to be exact.

Q: I first heard of you through Organic Geniuses, I really dig the collaborative feel and your different styles, do you still talk to the guys?

A: Yeah man, those days defiantly made me what I am today for sure. I will always **** with those guys. I dont speak to them much now and days, I’m only really in contact with Mike Melinoe.

Q: Who were your biggest rap influences? Although you’re from the UK I’ve done my fair share of UK hip-hop listening and the words just seem choppy, and don’t seem to blend but your flow is so smooth, are you influenced more by the UK Rap or U.S. Rap?

A: My earliest influence was probably Snoop Dogg and Method Man in my childhood years. As I became a teenager it was Doom and Madlib, other than my biggest influence was myself cuz I noticed myself getting better overtime, and i still am everyday.

Q: A name that always comes up when talking about UK Rap is Chipmunk, how do you feel about him? Personally i think a lot of his stuff is Hit or miss.

A: For the record never have been a big fan of UK Hip-Hop and never will be. However a couple names i could give props to is Giggs and D Double, I liked their music growing up because they both had there own aesthetic and style.

Q: Whats the future of LordApex? I keep up on your soundcloud and twitter and it looks like you’re working on multiple things.

A: Since this is an interview I can say I got about 9 different EPs on the way with different producers. I’m planning to drop new merch and collectibles with each project. Thats all I’ll say for now but to be honest the future for LordApex is being the future lord of the UK underground scene

Q:  Have you reached out to any more popular or main stream artists? I consider you the best rapper on your side of the Ocean, and to be honest I think if companies or artists reached out to you it would only help their brand.

A: Life like a movie, and everyones on their own right now. In my movie I’m the main protagonist so im just focused on trying to make it before i reach out to anyone. I’m not trying come up under anyone else name, I just burn weed and do my own ting. Bless.

If you are interested in keeping up with LordApex You can follow the links below on multiple sites to get the newest Music and Information on the Artist.


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