Oscars: International Short Film KRISIS

Superhero movies  have taken Hollywood Cinema by storm over the last decade but their inability to snatch Oscars is a completely different story. KRISIS will try to break down multiple barriers this up coming Oscar season as it takes Hollywood’s golden egg and puts it into a down to earth comedy that covers religion mental health and community. The international short film described by its Director on their KRISIS synopsis page reads-

When fear and darkness surrounds the world, man needs to trust and act. Krisis is born in response to the present period, situating itself in the very near future. This short film questions the reason behind violence and hope, in short, the struggle between good and evil.

When even superheroes lose their powers, only man can be reborn and change the world with his actions.

In Krisis, The Galactic Drifter (Octavi Pujades), a superhero who has advised humanity for centuries, goes to Professor Kleinman (Joaquin Daniel) to undergo therapy. He has lost his powers and he has to decide whether to leave the planet or continue protecting humanity from its self-destruction. Even though he has asked spiritual council to leaders like the Pope (Eric L. Goode), Professor Kleinman seems to be the last chance.

Official Trailer for Oscar Competing International Short Film KRISIS


The Director of the film KRSIS Daniel F. Anselem has worked on films like Chat Noir  that take you to a dark period of WW1 (a silent short film) and Operación Gónada that sheds a comedic light on post Civil War Spain. The range of Daniels Artistic expression is something that can really be seen when looking over his small body of work. Which leads me to question the director himself in who was kind enough to answer.

Q. How did you get started in directing? 

A: Since I was a child I longed to become a film director. During my youth I started shooting simple shorts and drawing comics. Then, as i grew older I saw myself gravitating to a more ‘serious” type of story telling. As i honed my abilities I had the opportunity to meet a producer who wanted to invest in me, and would go on to help me with my first filmed titled: Jam Session.

Q. As a Director who are your biggest influences?

A: My favorite directors are Billy Wilder for his wit and sarcasm, David Lean for his way of directing and elegance, and Stanley Kubrik for his perfectionism. Although all of them are classic directors I identify myself with the cinema of the 80s and 90s, as an example Harold Ramis film Analyze This.

Analyze This (Top) KRISIS (Bottom)

Q. I think the best super hero movies are the ones where these ‘larger than life’ characters are still relatable . How did you come up with the Idea to not only incorporate religion but mental health into a Superhero short film? It seems very bold considering everyone just wants the most CGI and explosions when watching Superhero’s.

A: It doesn’t matter if a film is about super heroes, fantasy, love, or even terror. The important thing is to have a good underlying message behind the film. CGI is not the solution to make a good story; it is an exceptional tool to make the fantasy real. Nowadays, super heroes have become the “new religion” for the younger audience. This genre has become repetitive and needs to be updated. The depth and the character development is what make’s the movie CGI enhances. I have always wondered what could it be inside the mind of these semi-gods when they have to protect us, the humans, and we not only don’t care about their help but we trip over the same stone twice in order to destroy ourselves again. All the above said is related with religion essences and with the classic Greek tragedies.


Q. The Jewish religion isn’t really used for ‘Depth’ in film, and is usually used as comedic relief in Hollywood despite the long list of Jewish Actors/Actresses & Directors, do you expect this film to push boundaries and make people feel comfortable about talking about Israel and the Jewish faith or religion in general in and outside of Cinema?

A: The Jewish comedy -in relation to its faith – is something very serious. Throughout centuries the community had been pursued for being deemed ‘God’s chosen people’. The best way to overcome this historical tragedy of being always chased is through the use of humor, an intelligent way of laughing about themselves. That’s the most powerful power against any kind of tyranny. The Jewish comedy is good because it always talks and reflects about religion, intellect and the human being. A good comedy, generally speaking, always has members of the faith involved. Hollywood will always have its Jewish roots – among others – but whether in front of the camera of behind it, the influence of Hollywood cultural will always be positive for the Jewish community.

Q. What’s the best way for a person to view your short film without going to one of the many movie festivals your work will be displayed at?

A: Nowadays the only way to view the film is through film festivals, but when the shorts finishes its film festivals career, the people could find it online through our website (late 2020).

Q. I know I’m getting ahead of myself a little because you’re still focused on the Oscars and making the final nominations but do you have anything that’s in the works or up next you’d like to share?

A: I’m working on a series project based on the main characters of KRISIS. That’s all you can get from me now!


Whether or not KRISIS gets to the final nominations, it is apparent to myself, as well as many around the world, that the need to feel an emotional connection to these larger than life figures is what keeps us coming back. KRISIS looks to use it’s religious comedy to shed light on human problems at a a Superhero level in an attempt to bring a foreign twist on Americas biggest box selling subject.




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