From Green Deal to Immigration, the Future of America has the Bronx written all over it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made numerous waves since getting her feet wet as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district. Most notably her Green Deal which calls for the United States to be rid of fossil fuels within 10 years in addition to removing the use of Nuclear power. While climate change continues its anecdotal tirade into United States policy, its frequent detours around facts make it unable to cement itself as a legitimate political stance. You have many politicians agreeing that climate change is happening, it’s inability to translate irreversible ecosystem damage into policy has tormented its champions dating back to Al Gore. As Cortez continues to battle the status quo of political correctness in D.C. a divide between ideology and its face seem to be apparent. Recently even members of Cortez’s own party began attacking her environmental stances attributing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green Deal of having 5 followers. Many of Cortez’s followers however are young, and fail to see the hypocrisy of politicians attacking her stances such as Nancy Pelosi. In 2008 Newt Gingrich and Pelosi both supported “We Can Solve It” a global warming ad campaign sponsored by former Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection. The problem seems to be more of a Anti-Cortez orientated than it is with the policy attempting to combat climate change.

In the 2000 election Gore would go on to lose a controversial election winning the popular vote and losing the electoral college in Florida. With the focal point of his campaign being centered around climate change and saving the environment it seems odd as time has transpired the movement that got a politician in contention for POTUS. The democratic divide has hindered stances pivotal to the future of the party’s success. There is little evidence at the state level that shows an inability to embrace the ideology and politician championing it. During the presidential race however it was this same mindset that lead to a canibalistic free for all causing the political party with the most popular votes to lose out on the presidency, yet again.

I still fail to see why Cortez has failed to use the abundance of media surrounding the topics of climate change. Attribution of hurricanes, tornados, blizzards and other natural disasters spark short debate. However docu-series such as Hostile planet and Our planet show the sensitivities of nature and it’s ecosystems. The green movements of old challenged lucrative industries, from commercial whaling to rainforest depletion, the pathway to a cleaner planet relied on human compassion. Much of this backlash over a “green movement” the size Cortez is pushing for is it interferes with the most untouchable industry on the planet.

Limiting the carbon footprint left by humans to ensure entire ecosystems aren’t wiped out means dropping the value of the top Stock market numbers that all rely on America’s carbon footprint increasing. To likely see any major advance is a Green Deal one of the Oil tycoons would have to invest into leading the clean energy movement. Much the way tobacco companies own many of the vaping industry stock. This is evident now with recent reports that the Koch brothers and George Soros are leading an effort to end ‘Forever Wars’. The only problem is both figures perpetuate election rigging and influence at the expense of the American citizen. No immediate action will be taken because the liberals who tout climate change refuse to take on the military industrial complex which is the largest adversary in the fight, and corrupt American politicians continue for wars with Iran, Syria ect.

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