Americas 20th century shift from racism to Systematic Oppression

Table of Contents


Introduction: Do as I say, not as do I


1: Generations of Student Loan Debt (Youth/Education System)

2: The Civil Rights Movement never stopped (African Americans)

3: Colonized (Africa)

4: First the Kitchen, Now the World (Women/sexism)

5: The Muslim Stigma (Middle East/Immigrants)

 Epilogue: American Government, Or Ponzi Scheme?


Loyalty to a country outside of your own has often been viewed as a treasonous act throughout history. The ability to have another country influence policy, economy and social culture to a point where the citizens are compartmentalized has become a major topic since Donald Trump’s election. The Russian hysteria however sinister your own conclusion allows, is far from the most dangerous country influencing the United States. Many attribute Chinas ability to data mine as influence, its technology deemed to be “a threat to United States national security” such as the Huawei cell phone creator. It is possible you think Saudi Arabia’s oil output allows it to skew political discussion within the United States, leaving the citizens unable to have their voices heard, the fact of the matter is if you named any of these countries as the largest threat to political discussion within the United States you would be wrong.

            The phenomenon of Dual citizenship (loyalty) to the country of Israel is not something that has happened over night, and something that will take decades of education to ensure the future generations can differentiate friend from foe. The problem with Dual Citizenship is that a politician can be influenced by people outside of its Country, State, or city for profit. Dual citizenship holds no party bias as another country buys off and influences political candidates from both sides. One might ask themselves how influencing both sides is able to promote one’s agenda. Much of it comes from the ability to rally United States Citizens for social causes that will never be addressed. Distraction. Israel also performs a large amount of reconnaissance within the Middle East that correlate directly to United States Policy. From Israel intelligence committee attributing 9/11 to Afghanistan giving way to a genocidal invasion for natural resources, to its new “intelligence” that has been pushing for the intervention in Iran because of – you guessed it – more weapons of mass destruction. These politicians, connected to the major corporations, whom are connected to the Oil companies, whom are loyal to Israel. These politicians whom hold dual citizenship with Israel are elected by the people to ensure one thing, maximizing profits for the wealthiest. Although the economic influence of Dual Citizenship is so easily recognizable within foreign policy, its domestic manipulation of citizens and law has led to the systematic oppression of many.

Israel is an Apartheid country, a racist endeavor that has walled itself off from the entire world, all while imprisoning an entire population in the name of “terrorism”. Think of the United States pre-civil rights. The separation of seats on a bus for black and whites, the inability to use the same bathroom because of skin color, and the disregard for human life because of the perpetuated view that African Americans were worth less than a white man. Calling the discrimination of blacks throughout the history of the United States anything less then Racist, would be asinine. Likewise calling Israel’s entire country, whom more than half of the United States politicians hold dual citizenship to, anything less than Racist would be lying to yourself. How can so many politicians hold dual citizenship to a country that is the opposite of progress, is the epitome to a White Nationalists view of a place where only whites are allowed, the sinister underlying influence  of a country we deem as our most loyal ally, a testament to democracy, with unquestionable loyalty by the United States politicians, is in fact the reason why progress has become an illusion. Where the chains of racism are spoken about as distant occurrences, and systematic oppression is the profitable business loyal to Israel.

Introduction: Do as I say, not as do I

Oppression by institution, or systematic oppression, is when the laws of a place create unequal treatment of a specific social identity group or groups. Another example of social oppression is when a specific social group is denied access to education that may hinder their lives in later life. Progress has always been a subjective word, although many would agree the 20th century was full of it. From cultural acceptance, to the Industrial revolution, you can skim through history and see progress at the expense of almost everyone – considered progress none the less. The importance of analyzing progress in the United States as a cumulative experience for many, must be looked at by historians with fresh eyes. Although much of my time encompassed the Systematic Oppression of minorities in which the tradeoff for acceptance was a far more sinister form of slavery, it is important to note that the Systematic Oppression is not limited to people of color. Removing women, the LGBT community, and the younger generation would be foolish, as many of these continue to fight against the deeply rooted oppression we still experience in the 21st century.

Because progress is subjective, from an early age child are indoctrinated with facts that disregard much of history. In fact, much of the disregarded history is purposely left out, which leads to the root cause of a system that hinges on its ability to groom different communities from all cultural backgrounds, into groups with opposing views attacking each other instead of the root of the problem. A country that once forced Native American children to assimilate, to study at schools chosen by the government, has come full circle. Education, instead of being forced, has become a privilege. Many minority groups are offered a fraction of education, enough to function at the bottom of society, but not enough tools to embrace the full opportunity of the American Dream. The same education system that touted its ability to ‘prepare our children for the future’ has took that saying to extraordinary lengths – in its teachings of debt. People of all cultures, creeds, and ethnicities, are sold the dream of higher education, but at what cost. The student loan debt has now given the government – who’s current debt is in the trillions – the ability to garnish wages, deduct tax returns, and seize property to enforce its “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy.

What exactly is the ‘American Dream’ in the 21st century? Many would agree that the ability to provide for a family, own a home, send their kids to college, and live a life without the struggles of poverty, would be a loose definition. By that definition however, most of the population will never get the opportunity to embrace the ‘American Dream’. Whether parenting and marriage laws for the LGBT community, or pockets of poverty spread across the United States that disproportionately effect minorities, being happy with half, or a portion of the dream is as close as many will come. 13% of the United States lives at or below the poverty line, this includes the 50% of Americans that live in lower-class households. Lower class is defined as a house hold that makes $48,000 a year or less. Many studies champion the fact more families are increasing their wages, but fail to associate the increase in wages, inflation, and disproportionate allocation of company funds, with a growing problem.

Debt is a form of systematic oppression that has no cultural limitations but one that effects minorities and the youth at a disproportionate rate. The good old land of the free and home of the brave is still using forms of slavery to ensure that the wealthy white population breaks free of these shackles while many of its citizens will die owing the greatest country on earth. “Do as I say, not as I do”. This mantra is one that represents the United States far better than ‘One Nation, Under God’, while tax loop holes, cuts, and policy have given the super wealthy more than a 200% wage increase since the mid 80’s. As stated before the increase in wages is only part of the equation, the policy and laws that have been implemented over the 20th century would lead to marginalized groups trading physical shackles and limitations for systematic ones. By accounting for pivotal times in the history of the United States it is important that we do not overlook policy that is missed from our history books.

A prime example of this oppression comes form of the Civil rights act of 1964 in which discrimination based on religion race or creed was deemed unconstitutional some 200 years after the constitution was written. While a major leap such as the Civil rights act will always be regarded in history as a pivotal moment for all minorities, policy prior as well as after the act was signed would go on to trade one evil for another. Shortly after the Civil rights act allowed for the desegregation of many of the institutions that we take for granted, a newly formed Drug Enforcement Agency would begin to incarcerate the same minorities it gave civil liberties at an alarming rate. This change in our government that had been pushed by liberal and conservative minds alike, would give the illusion to minorities that the American Dream was accessible but at a steep cost to communities, families, and individuals nationwide. When the government gives up one form of control, often it is causing to take a step back and reevaluate other policy and laws that are being implemented around the same time.

An analysis of Student loans shows the evolution of an institution that began as an ‘American Dream’. In 1944 The GI Bill passes, allowing World War II veterans to attend college for free or for very cheap. In subsequent years, veterans would account for nearly half of those attending college. In its entirety the Military industrial complex of the United States began to protrude into the life of every day Americans. Loans for college began as a military expenditure, where the tradeoff for service was to allow you a free education. As the need for military service would slow down after World War II, it was time for the Government to offer the same amount of services without the safety net of the military to peruse one’s dreams. Twenty-one years later at the same time of the Civil Rights act, American proposed The Higher Education Act. This established to provide “Educational Opportunity Grants” to colleges recruiting students with considerable financial need. The Guaranteed Student Loan Program allowed banks and private institutions to provide government subsidized and guaranteed loans to students.

As you can see policy that would normally have no correlation, was in fact being used to ensure that military families would continue to peruse the dream of higher education, while minorities were given the same opportunity at a higher price. Although it sounds as if I’m attacking military families and their service to the United States I am simply stating that to obtain the American Dream, one must become indoctrinated, and prone to the group think of the United States Military endeavors to peruse their dreams at less of a cost. Higher Education loans at their very foundation are a form of control by the United States Military that would go on to evolve into a way to control its American citizens beyond the grave.

The Journey into the Systematic oppression of women during the 20th century is by far the most complex. While many of the college educated men would go on to marry and bare children that would lead to the expanse of the Military Complex group think, many of these women were not given the same opportunities as their husbands, brothers, and sons. Minority women having taken on the largest load throughout history as well as in the 21st century, if being marginalized because of your skin color wasn’t enough, the sheer lack of opportunities for women of any color would lead to generations of minority women struggling to provide for their families. This would go on to correlate directly to the disproportionate rate in which minorities were imprisoned because of drug related crimes, as well as living in the pockets of poverty with fewer opportunities.

Women within the military can be found throughout both world wars. The same can be said about minorities, but because of the lack inclusion during the first part of the 20th century many would miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the group think Military expansion (loans given to those whom served in the military) whether by choice or lack of policy. You see, if you’re only including a very specific demographic for your military, and in turn given that demographic sizeable head starts, at a time when women and minorities rights were still and after thought, you begin to expand on that demographic’s ideals and philosophies. While hand outs were given a specific set of people whom already benefited from policy since the inception of the United States, it would lead to the divide that is still evident today.

 Globalization is a term used by many to describe the ‘browning’ of the United States. A word that was rooted in communication and unity is now usually used in a racist fashion. Immigrants like many continue to face opposition in a country that deems all men and women are created equal. The irony of all of this comes from the same military group think pertaining to the systematic oppression of women and minorities. The most systematically oppressed people on the planet in my opinion are Muslims and people from the Middle East and Africa.  As a Christian man whose faith in Jesus Christ has been strong since a young child, I have always found the Muslim religion misunderstood. Unlike the systematic oppression that many of the United States Citizens are prone too, Middle Easterners and Africans experience physical oppression in a systematic way.  Whether it be taking trillions of dollars of resources from African or Recent UN reports of U.S. forces killing more civilians than terrorists for the first time. It is important to note that this UN finding is obviously a lie as there have been plenty of documents and testimonies attributing the Taliban and ISIS success to United States funding and weapon shipments. Murder aside in which the United States has easily led the world in the 20th century – without it even being close – many of these countries are constantly being invaded, bullied, blacklisted, and starved to the point of genocide, all in the name of natural resources and Military funding. Americas Military industrial complex and policy seem to be at the foundation of much of the worlds systematic oppression. Although many immigrants experience oppression by the United States government and military prior to ever stepping foot on American soil, the oppression seems to follow them with ease once here. Attributing 9/11 to countries whom were never involved, invading countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Iran because the leaders of these countries are killing their own people, only to have the largest purchaser of U.S. military equipment – Saudi Arabia – still performing public crucifixions and executions. If you are willing to let your countries natural resources be controlled by the American military, you are exempt from invasion. This very concept has fueled hatred against many Muslim countries till this day, and the only reason for the vast amount of U.S. military bases in Africa seems to point to the ability to scare these countries and their citizen to being ok with their resources being stolen from their country.

This is the cause for this Essay in which marginalized people within the United States and abroad are given the Illusion of Progress. Where the shackles of racism, bigotry, classism, sexism, and any other form of discrimination are traded for systematic oppression insuring the same people whom have had power retain such power indefinitely.


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