Military Over Spending: Tax payers #1 Adversary

It’s no secret every political ideology has its sights set on the best way to handle tax payer money. Some in fact think taxes are theft, in which case you probably think the American people should decide where their hard-earned money is allocated. From Universal Health Care, to Free College education, and let’s not forget fighting Climate Change. Although many of the stances seem popular, the only stance that seems to get an increase of tax payer money is the United States Military.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a quick second before diving into the numbers. You’re more likely to see Donald Trump down at the border building a wall, than you are of seeing the government reduce the National Debt. Currently the United States sits at $22.03 Trillion in debt. As large as this number is, it has simply become this outrageous because of a government who sees less value in its people, than it does in the Machines that make it capable to take over countries.

In no way is slashing military spending sponsoring a United States without the capability to defend itself. While the United States spends more on defense than the next top 5 countries combined, it’s irresponsible of elected officials to hinder the progress of humanity any longer. The government pushes for an increase in minimum wage & the availability of trade colleges, the reality of the job market shows us these are the first jobs to be taken over by automation. Automation technology and implementation are unfortunately moving faster than policy insuring that average living conditions are met for U.S. citizens. The automation industry has already flooded fast food chains – where many of us held our first job. The supermarket industry has almost eliminated the need to pay people to check out your items and Amazon has taken it a step further with a fully automated store. Factories that have always been partially automated are now late to the boom as the technology continues to become cheaper and more accessible. In the next 20 years the probability that one of the stores you frequent not having a single worker visible inside, is almost guaranteed. While more than 3 million people will not end up jobless overnight – automation is the end game – a gradual process.

“But you can’t pay everyone $15, it’ll collapse the economy.”

“Where do you get the money to send these people to college?”

“Health Care isn’t a right!”

I haven’t decided if the people who say these things know they’re being ironic, or if they truly believe American politicians are such great couponing moms they’ve stretched our American tax dollar as far as possible. Poverty isn’t an economic status, it’s an effect of a greedy government

Currently the Sierra Army Depot is the destination for  billions of dollars’ worth of unused military equipment. To put it in perspective it’s stock of M1 Abrams tanks could pay for Bernie Sanders proposal for universal college. At least for the first year. The total value of the depot would be hard to judge, covering close to 40,000 sq miles, with the tanks taking up such a small portion, you’d have to be looking at hundreds of billions if not trillions worth of unused equipment. Understanding it took years to accumulate, slashing the military budget wouldn’t be something that deletes the national debt today, but it would make it possible to reduce the debt exponentially. Instead of building that half a million-dollar tomahawk missile, why not send a collection of students to college? Why not incorporate it into a climate budget to reduce carbon emissions. Better yet why not set it aside for health care coverage.

Meanwhile 1.3 trillion dollars in Military Spending is circulated annually around the world by various governments, the United States makes up more than 45% of this spending dwarfing the next country on the list-China. The United States could cut its $623 billion spending in half and still outspend China by more than $100 billion.  Sierra Army depot is only one of the few places that the majority of tax payer money ends up. If a grave yard of tanks, high tech jeeps, missiles, and every gun under the sun wasn’t enough to put the sheer size of the amount of Tax payer money used on the military into perspective, the prelude to Trumps “Space Force” will. It comes in the form of the F-35 fighter Jet. 200 supposed ground breaking Jets that were a focal point of “The future of the U.S. Air force”. The problem is most critics agree that Lock Heed Martin’s billion-dollar jet is a failure. It is possible to go through hundreds of United States Military projects and find Tax payer money spent on lack luster machines produced with the common goal of keeping Wall Street and politicians wealthy.

It would be impossible to track all the nonsensical spending by the United States Government. While politicians continue to con the average American into thinking their tax dollars have been stretched thin, they forget to mention billions of your dollars are going to projects that’ll never see the light of day.

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