Kawhi isn’t MJ, Magic, Lebron, or Kobe, he’s the Mail Man.

As Kawhi continues his absolute dominate playoff run, it seems as though we are already full steam ahead in crowning a new “King” of the NBA. It’s undeniable just how much Kawhi brings to the Raptors as watching his growth from the Spurs truly does feel like a transitional point in the NBA, but how much weight would a champion ship in Toronto really hold at this point? While the beginning of the finals started with discussions as to how good Steph and the Warriors could be without Durant, partnered with Curry’s inconsistent Finals run previously, these discussions were quickly cast aside as Curry would prove depth would be the great equalizer in the 2019 NBA finals.

Durant would come back and play a solid first quarter before injuring his Achilles, many have spoken about Durant getting multiple opinions before stepping out on the court. Many have also already started pointing fingers at the organization, saying that KD put his career on the line because team doctors gave him the green light. If KD had come into the first quarter showing signs of fatigue, slow movement, and an inability to keep up I would agree with most of these critics. However he showed no signs of soreness, an many of the shots he made in the first quarter were difficult contested shots – he looked exactly how we all thought KD should look. It just seems to be a reach that the team and KD were at odds on whether or not he should step on the court as Durant would have had final say on if he felt well enough to go out and play in game 5.

Now that we have that out of the way the comparisons between Kawhi and all of the former greats of the NBA is more intriguing then it is annoying at this point in his career. The most interesting aspect of all the comparisons is we are still seeing what Khawi is capable of on this kind of a stage for the first time – without a team of Hall of famers accompanying him. There are a lot of things in Khwai bag that remind me of a stretch big rather than of a wing. Yes Khwai can hit a consistent 3 pointer shot but his ability to make the defense flood the paint, and his control of the ball when he seems trapped are some of the best attributes of all the great power forwards in recent history. The consistency from inside the 3 is where “Board Man gets Paid” so to speak. Khwai ball handling has become unspoken strength and what sets him apart from someone with his strength and shooting consistency. To strong for most 3’s to fast for most 4’s is where he gets his Lebron comparisons although, Lebrons court vision and passing ability is some of the best the NBA has ever seen. Most people forget about Malone when talking about all time greats, and his ability to be unstoppable, run the court, and give you MVP numbers night in and night out. Enjoy a break from the Hype and watch some highlights.

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